Opportunities for improvement

While we maintain innovation as the primary driving force of any industry and technological advancement, the mere existence of imperfection as a concept conditions us to a never-ending search for improvements.

Take the case of the heightened interest and advancements made in blockchain space for the past year and the exuberant growth of gaming; the evidenced exponential growth must not deter us from searching for new ways of refining inefficient processes or even revamping settled structures.

This can be perfectly exemplified by the current inadequacies – mainly under the status quo of centralization – that plague the aforementioned industries.

The classic oligopolistic structure that reins in the gaming industry takes not a small percentage of the ecosystem but extracts exuberant rates from both Players and Game Developers.

Application platforms charge up to 30% on all in-app purchases, while Advertising exchanges charge exuberant fees that are ultimately passed on to and paid for by consumers.

This current situation can only be challenged (and ultimately substituted) by decentralized actors that can capture and redistribute value.

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