Player Card NFT's

A Player Card is an NFT asset that is the ultimate key for players to unlock Colizeum services and allow players to earn CGOL tokens while playing games.

Player Cards

  • Will have different rarities and specific properties that will impact games and offer special perks, exclusive content, and access to exclusive communities inside Colizeum.

  • Can be obtained from Card Packs which are NFTs. Each season only a limited amount of Card Packs will be released to avoid hyperinflation and ensure obtained cards remain rare and valuable.

  • Will offer a way to feature special games, make collaborations and offer collectable editions.

  • Card Packs can be purchased with CGOL tokens earned from games.

To open the Card Pack players will have to use $ZEUM which is burned and permanently removed from the $ZEUM supply effectively decreasing the total supply.

In practice, it means that every Player Card minted represents $ZEUM burned, and burned $ZEUM value is converted into Player Card.

When Card Pack is opened player will receive a unique Player Card with random attributes and rarity.

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