Dystopia: Contest of Heroes

Colizeum will take off together with its pilot project, "Dystopia: Contest of Heroes” a mobile strategy game.

In Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, you start the game as a rebel who finds a location for his base in a post-apocalyptic future world where big corporations rule society.

You have to build an empire by taking over New York while collecting sci-fi-themed gear, raiding other players, and upgrading the base.

"Dystopia: Contest of Heroes” by Beetroot Lab.

Dystopia launched in November 2020 and has recently reached a milestone of 1,000,000 installs globally across all platforms. Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a modern real-time tower defence and RPG blend.

The game features top-quality 2d graphics combined with a collection of fully customisable 3d heroes with player-controlled abilities.

Dystopia has received the “Best Strategy Game of 2020” award from Huawei AppGallery.

In Dystopia, you can compete in real-time tournaments and participate in events to collect and upgrade 100s of equipment pieces.

Players can collect and build hero equipment, battle other players and join alliances to engage in rich social system gameplay.

Game monetization is designed to convert and monetize players from the first session with dynamic and high-value offers to enable high player LTV.

Dystopia offers battle pass-based subscriptions, live ops events, speedups, and an item-rich economy.

Rapid progress allows for generous bonuses while providing enough content for long-term player monetization.

This allows high player base engagement and generates steady and stable revenue streams at the same time.

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