Flexibility & Interoperability


  1. Cross-chain Compatability

    EVM compatible blockchain network support — providing complete freedom and scaling opportunities for game developers.

  2. Cross-platform Scaling

    Colizeum SDK works with any Unity3D-based game. In future, it will support other main game engines such as Unreal Engine.

  3. Developer Portal

    Basic game analytics tool-set at your disposal. Analyze retention & revenue data without implementing 3rd party tracking SDKs.

  4. Tap into an additional revenue stream

    Colizeum's Unified. dual-token economy allows any game to become a Play-To-Earn game. Even those which by game design wouldn't be able to create their own dedicated P2E economy — even hyper casual games!

  5. Mint any type of NFT

    Mint in-game assets as NFTs without using third-party tools. Whether it's Programmable, Multi-layered, Time sensitive or content-locked NFTs.

  6. No more fund freezing

    Game developers can access their funds in an instant without waiting for any approvals.

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