DEFI Landscape

The constantly evolving all-powerful DeFi that has been taking impressive steps in laying out the new financial landscape is now ready to be paired with an equally promising growing industry: Gaming.

Achieving milestone after milestone, the new decentralized paradigm of finance has proven its hunger for more. While simultaneously achieving growth rates that surpassed 100% compounded by a whopping 250% in 2019 and 2020, respectively; and hitting $87 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) in the same timeframe, it has evidenced its solid theoretical and practical economic foundations, as well as its immense potential.

Decentralized applications can reinvent the way we interact with every feature in our lives under the umbrella of sound economic-based incentive mechanisms.

From the obvious literal smartphone applications to conceptual ones, such as healthcare tracking, supply chain management, and logistics, to liquidity offerings for non-fungible assets, data privacy, and more.

The need to displace the current environment plagued with intermediaries that are characterized by inefficiencies, structural inequalities and hidden risks expands with every new crisis.

It has become clear that virtually no industry can escape these systemic shortcomings, not even a relatively advanced one; nor should they want to.

After all, why would a project want to evade the winds of change that bring benefits across all business dimensions? Today it’s myopic to ignore the paradigm shift that’s emerging in ever bolder outlines and by now has produced an industry that has achieved a USD 200 billion market cap a bit more than in a year?

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