NFT's & Game systems

The goal for Colizeum is not only to allow game developers to move their in-game assets to the blockchain with ease but also to support them with game-ready systems that allow interaction with these assets.

Game-ready plug-and-play systems help save precious development time and costs associated with it.

Colizeum SDK allows game developers to create and manage configurable systems like:

  • Interactive Land systems which allow resource gathering;

  • Crafting systems that support NFT burn, merge, and mint functionalities

  • Breeding systems

  • Configurable loot box systems

  • Inventory systems allow players to manage NFT game assets in the game's interface

  • NFT Staking functionality with dynamic locking rules and distribute various rewards based on predefined conditions

  • Dynamic meta-data NFTs

  • Leaderboards with season mechanic and custom prize integrations

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