Colizeum PlayToEarn model is at the center of Colizeum and aims to connect all game developers and players into one platform through Player Cards NFTs.

Colizeum revolutionizes how developers benefit from their games while allowing players to earn at the same time.

This means that even games which are not capable of running their economics can now benefit from the P2E model allowing game developers to focus on what matters the most - building exceptional game experiences.

Besides bringing value to players and developers Colizeum's Play to Earn model plays a crucial role in driving the economics behind the platform.

The model consists of a few key elements:

  • $ZEUM utility token

  • $CGOL utility token

  • Player Card NFT

Each player card grants player Game Points which can be spent in Colizeum ecosystem games to earn $CGOL tokens.

Game Points recharge over time. Whenever a player earns $CGOL tokens, a share of the earnings goes to the game developer. Earning share ratio is set by the game developer for each game-specific and is publicly visible.


Developer earnings are capped by the amount of $ZEUM tokens staked, which means with an increasing number of players total developer stake has to increase to be able to collect $CGOL earnings. In practice, it means each player drives demand for $ZEUM and keeps them locked in the Colizeum ecosystem.

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