Attention Marketplace

Game Devs need to register at Colizeum Game Marketplace. Doing so is free by default, however, the priority of games being displayed depends on the amount of $ZEUM a Game Dev has staked.

Thus, the stake of $ZEUM facilitates capturing gamers’ attention. The more prominent the place where the game is being advertised, the higher the required $ZEUM stake.

Access of Game Devs to the Colizeum game marketplace is vetted by the Colizeum DAO. Other than that, it’s permissionless.

Colizeum provides Attention Widgets. These widgets facilitate in-game monetization of gamers' attention. It works as follows:

  • Within every game, Game Devs can seamlessly place an Attention Widget. From users’ perspective, they do look like plane banners.

  • Under the hood, however, the mechanism is less trivial. These widgets are smart contracts that transfer some set per view (alternatively, per click) amount of $ZEUM tokens. $ZEUM tokens are provided by advertisers.

  • The $ZEUM tokens received can be split between Game Devs for providing the platform and players for rewarding their attention. It’s up to the Game Devs what the split ratio would be.

  • The Colizeum Attention Widgets are easily deployable and facilitate ease of monetization and network effect (the more advertisers become a part of the Colizeum ecosystem, the more Game Devs will migrate, the more advertisers will join, and so on)

Colizeum Game Marketplace also offers direct banner placements for advertisers (be it Game Devs. or other parties). The position of any particular banner is a function of $ZEUM staked by the advertiser.

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