Free-To-Own Introduction

Free-To-Own (F2O) is a natural evolution in a decades-long power shift from the game developer to the player.


Through the Free-To-Own model, we are giving away a significant portion of the Colizeum platform's economy in exchange for distribution. It's a unique way of distributing only possible with a motivated user base deeply invested in Colizeum as a source of identity and community.

Colizeum's vision is deeply rooted in the idea of the player-owned economy and complete decentralization.

The principle is simple - we built economy and technology with $8.4m in funds from Colizeum earlier rounds. Instead of selling it into paid mints, we ultimately give it to the community in exchange for distribution.

Therefore Colizeum doesn't receive upfront revenue but gives away assets worth millions $ in exchange for distribution.

Colizeum only succeeds if the community thrives.

Assets given away are not just simple NFTs but act like "NFT/Token Factories", giving the right and responsibility to mint and distribute most of Colizeum's native assets in the future, even assets that currently are not on the roadmap.

Because NFT Player cards are required to participate in the Colizeum P2E economy, all future player base is put into the hands of 5000 ELITEs who will mint and distribute them.

Colizeum is giving away ownership of the economy to 5000 chosen ones. 5000 ELITE.

It's a huge responsibility, and because of that, distribution will happen through a carefully crafted system that ensures they end up in the hands of the most reliable part of the community. That's why only a limited number of "whitelists" will be available for the mint.

Quality over quantity.

Colizeum is the future of Web3 made by people.

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