Asset Distribution

Colizeum will focus on multiple regions to form multinational governance with the goal of representing Colizeum across the world.

Distribution will happen throughout ~ one month, and will look for the most value in exchange for a chance to mint.

A few examples of groups eligible but not limited to receiving a "whitelist" will be:

  1. $ZEUM holders

  2. Community leaders

  3. Content creators

  4. Game Developers

  5. Promising prospects for community

The mint date will be announced and will last 24h before opening up for the public until the total supply of 5000 Elites is minted.

Due to the nature of whitelist exclusivity, there is a chance for leftover supply available after a period of 24h has passed.

NFT Assets will be mintable free and available only for whitelisted members; after the minting, everyone will be able to acquire ELITE from the secondary markets:

  1. OpenSea

  2. MagicEden

  3. More to come...

Be among the 5000 ELITE exclusive Player Card owners by getting into the whitelisted ELITE Club.

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