Scale and Profit


  1. User Acquisition as it should be

    Drive traffic from other Colizeum cross-app ad networks without the accustomed ad network markup.

  2. Play-To-Earn as an additional monetization layer

    Developers can convert conventional players to blockchain gaming by adding tokenized game modes to existing traditional monetization models.

  3. Imposed drastic fees are gone.

    Transparent & Dynamic fee structure allows developers to determine fee size that benefits both — developers & players.

  4. Tier 3 Markets are finally open

    Play-To-Earn brings the opportunity to finally monetize Tier 3 markets — 3x larger than Tier 1 & Tier 2 combined.

  5. Revenue from secondary markets

    Developers earn a percentage from players selling their in-game assets on the secondary market.

  6. Integrated Referral system

    With an already integrated referral system, game developers have the freedom to incentivize players to refer new players — autonomously.

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